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RMCL offers a wide range of thermoformed PET/PE bottles which are used for packaging liquids and viscous fluids like hair oils. The bottles are manufactured using high grade PVC granules through a PET blow molding process, to deliver a finished high quality and durable stock of bottles. These bottles are hygienic, offer improved clarity, toughness, and barrier properties. They are also ergonomically designed and serve as a highly portable and convenient pack to carry hair oils. Being odourless, they do not affect the quality of fragrant hair oils.
These PET/PE bottles offer absolute closure integrity because of an injection molded neck finish and the absence of a weld line in the base further reinforces leak proof property.
Available in various shapes and sizes like wide base, narrow neck and much more based on the customer’s requirements.

Product Propositions

• PET/PE Thermoforms
• Laminates for Single Dose
• MOPVC Shrink Films

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