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RMCL offers a host of highly competent and professional packaging solutions for the soaps and detergents industry. With a rise in awareness on hygiene standards across all strata of society, the manufacturing and marketing of washing soap bars and detergent powders is taking on a very technology driven and highly competitive dimension. Detergent powders now contain dirt fighting enzymes and require specialized handling and packaging. Soap bars too have aggressive ingredients to remove dirt from clothes. Packaging therefore becomes very critical to ensure no dilution of ingredients and to also preserve the performance of the product over an extended period of time even after the pack is opened. In terms of marketability of the product too, flexible packaging like sachets and pouches for detergents and extrusion coated soap wrappers make for very printing friendly material that can transform packaging into attractive and convenient packaging.
Product Propositions

• Surface Printed Multilayered Films
• Extrusion Coated Paper
• PET/Poly Laminates
• Folded Cartons

:: RMCL Retail ::
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