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RMCL can offer a comprehensive food packaging audit service. It is proposed as an independent service, offering a solution driven study which can be used by corporates in the food and beverage industry.

Through these services, it creates an understanding of the food to be packed, the shelf life of the food, suggests the packaging material to be used after a detailed trial and study, the conditions of storage, handling at the market shelf and more.

The service aims to provide compatibility studies, accelerated withering and degenerating tests, microbial analysis, pesticide residue tests, contaminant tests, GMO testing, oil analysis etc.

It has access to a broad base of state of the art microbiological labs and also excellent tie-ups with labs worldwide. These facilities are capable of generating standalone and comprehensive reports, that deliver fast and expert data interpretation to help ensure product quality.

The trained and experienced scientists and lab technicians have formal and advanced knowledge in chemistry, microbiology and agronomy.

The auditors too are extremely well versed in GMP+, GlobalGAP, ISO and HACCP based schemes.

The ultimate objective being to optimize packaging and deliver intelligent packaging solutions to clients.

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