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Tea and Coffee are an inseparable part of life in India. These are extremely popular beverages that are consumed by everyone adult and child alike throughout the year. Flavour, aroma and freshness being the most critical aspect for these products RMCL offers a range of packaging options that cater to preserve these qualities. It can offer various multi ply laminates that deliver excellent barrier against moisture, gases, oils etc. and also look attractive. It also offers advanced materials and packaging for the convenience of tea sachets. Liner cartons for retail packs and longer shelf life are also available.
Product Propositions
• Tea Leafs and Dust
   2 ply Laminates
   3 ply Laminates
   4 ply Laminates
   Liner Cartons
   Single dose Tea Dust Sachets

• Tea Bags
   Folded Cartons
   Surface Printed Extrusion Coated paper

• Coffee
   Aluminum Foil Based Laminates

• Dairy Whitener
   4 Ply Laminates
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