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RMCL offers a whole range of packaging solutions for meat and poultry products. Since these are products which are prone to contamination and decomposition if not packed properly, appropriate and optimum packaging for these products is a challenge. RMCL offers a variety of barrier films, laminates and packaging processes which ensure that meat stays fresh, tender and free of any bacterial pathogens which can cause harm to humans on consumption of meat. It offers solutions for both fresh meat, frozen meat and cooked meat.
Product Propositions
• Meat and Poultry
   Bulk Bags
   Bulk Barrier Bags with Nylon or EVOH
   Flexible packaging for Deep Freeze
   Flexible packaging for fresh Cut
   Thermoformable PVC/PE Laminated Trays
   Top Lids and MAP Films
   PVDC Coated Films
   Vacuum Packaging
   Skin Packaging

:: RMCL Retail ::
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