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RMCL offers excellent packaging solutions that lend themselves to product and brand protection for edible oil which is a commodity that is susceptible to easy adulteration. It offers a range of laminates that are engineered to provide gas and moisture barrier, resistance to oils and fats for good shelf life; seal integrity for leak proofness; good machinability, transit worthiness and attractive graphics. The pouches have rounded corners to blunt their ability to puncture adjacent pouches and their easy pour feature facilitates pouring without any loss of oil. It can offer packaging for oils like sunflower oil, coconut oil, mustard oil, refined oils, cotton seed oils etc.
Product Propositions
• Edible Oil
   5 Layered Barrier Films
   3 Layered Non Barrier Films
   8 Layered Poly-Poly Barrier Films
   10 Layered Poly-Poly Very High Barrier Films
   PET/Poly Laminates
   BON/Poly Laminates
   Liner Cartons

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