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RMCL offers a range of high performance and sophisticated films for packaging of dairy and milk products. These films meet all FDA approvals and ensure that the packaging meets critical shelf life demands, keeping in mind the perishable nature of the products. Good heat resistant, high barrier properties and availability in various thicknesses makes this film very popular in this industry.
Product Propositions
• Milk
  - C I Printed Multi layered Films
  - PVDC Coated Milk Film
  - Double colored UV resistant Films

• Curd and Butter-Milk
   - C I printed Multi Layered Films
   - Gravure Printed Multi Layered Films

• Ghee
   - Nylon Based Films
   - EVOH Based Films
   - Liner Cartons
Multi Layer Lamination Films

• Butter
   - Folded Cartons
   - Wax Paper
• Ice-Cream
   - Folded Cartons with PE Coating
   - Multi color printed Laminate
   - 4 ply aluminum Foil based board with offset printing for
      ice-cream Cone

• Skimmed Milk Powder / Dairy Whitener
   - Multi color printed Laminates

• Cattle-feed
   - Woven Sack Reverse Printed and Laminated

:: RMCL Retail ::
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