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RMCL offers a range of highly diverse and attractive packaging solutions to serve the chocolate and confectionery industry. In this industry which is impulse and celebration driven, packaging plays a very vital role and it is in fact an exciting prelude to the moment of taste. The operating criteria here, is that the packaging ensures that the contents reach the end consumer unspoiled and totally palatable. A very important facet being the package is used to build brands and ensure clutter breaking presence on the shelf and thus drive sales. RMCL offers solutions that range from the simple twist wrap for candies, to highly luxurious golden foil for exclusive chocolates. It offers the latest in films and laminates to deliver a functional, yet highly attractive packaging.

Product Propositions
• Confectionery
   PVC Twist Wrap
   Laminates for pillow pack

• Chewing Gum/Bubble Gum
   Wax Coated Bubble-Gum Wrapper
   PVDC coated PVC for blister packaging of    
   -Chewing Gum

• Offset Cartons

• Milk Chocolates
   In-Register Cold Seal coated Laminates
   Gold Lacquered PE Coated Aluminum Foil

• Squeeze Chocolates/Mousse
   PET /Nylon based Printed Laminates
   PVC Thermoformable Sheets

:: RMCL Retail ::
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