RMCL offers OPTOVAC Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) films that have become a very popular and extensively used packaging film in markets across the world. Biaxially oriented means polypropylene film that is stretched in machine direction and in transverse direction.

OPTOVAC offers a unique combination of properties such as better shrinkage, stiffness, excellent optics, good water barrier properties, sealability and twist retention. OPTOVAC BOPP films have the advantage of being non-toxic and fully recyclable.

OPTOVAC has today established itself as one of the leading brand of cast films which are popularly used in traditional flexible packaging as well as non packaging applications. It has many versatile properties and is a good substitute for materials such as cellophane, metals and paper.

BOPP Films are used widely for lamination, surface printing and surface protection. RMCL's unique proposition is to use PP in the Lamination films with PE, without using high cost conventional materials.

This film provides very price competitive mode of stretch wrapping and is available in Machine Rolls Hand Rolls Baby Rolls Colored Films and is available in a range from 15 to 50 microns and are most commonly 15 to 30 microns.

  • High softness
  • Prevents physical damage
  • Prevents microbial deterioration and chemical changes
  • Maintains an attractive appearance and transparency
  • Excellent heat sealing properties
  • Extremely low stress whitening

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