RMCL offers METABA RX high grade ALU-ALU, which is an optimized combination of aluminum foil and polymeric films.

METABA RX structure is created with the aluminum layer sandwiched between an inner heat sealable polymeric film and outer supportive malleable film.

This multilayered structure is created exclusively to package highly hygroscopic or light sensitive tablets or capsules which are easily affected in wet weather or tropical weather. METABA RX is approved for direct contact with drugs and offers the highest barrier performance and can resist vapor, oxygen, UV rays and also demonstrates an excellent aroma barrier. Importantly it retains its barrier properties at IDH conditions too.

METABA RX offers excellent thermoforming capability which enables drugs to be packed in different shapes and it forms a highly rigid pack after being coldformed. Its high malleability ensures deep drawing blister cavities for effective packaging.

is being extensively used as an effective packaging measure to discourage counterfeit and duplicate packaging.
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