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RMCL offers highly sophisticated, comprehensive and practical solutions to combat brand piracy, product duplication and package tampering. The service is designed as an integrated solution that can easily fit within existing supply chains and is robust, inexpensive and upscalable.

This customized, comprehensive and cost effective service is developed and offered as a synchronisation of various technologies and techniques, to effectively create anti-counterfeiting measure and offer brand security.

RMCL works closely with customers to understand their needs in protecting their brands from counterfeiting and offers them solutions by integrating various levels of security in product packaging.

S olutions include, overt and covert brand protection technologies, 3D security hologram labels, product authentication and track and trace technologies.

• Holographic films
• Tamper-proof tapes
• Water marks
• Lacquer coatings
• High end CI Flexo
• Combination of Gravure, CI and Offset printing
• Post or Pre-printing Metallisation
• Inks visible under UV light
• Bar codes and more...

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