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PVC Trays
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Description: RMCL offers a range of thermoforming trays for storing and packaging fresh cut vegetables. Made from superior food grade raw material the trays are perfect for packaging of and serving fresh vegetables. These cut-vegetables tray are excellent for portion packs of cleaned and cut vegetables, and are popular in retail stores, food stores, restaurants etc.


Clean look:
Transparent, clear packaging

Protection from contamination:
Perfectly sealed containers guarantee safe products.

Easy and attractive merchandising; saves space on the shelf as well.


Available in:
Various shapes and sizes and with or without lid in clamshell design.


PVC Sheets for Displays
RMCL offers a range of PVC Rigid Sheets which find application in the creation of promotional displays used by nearly all businesses. These sheets made from virgin material are sturdy, lightweight and can be easily machine cut in attractive shapes and forms. Once cut to the desired shape and size they can also be fitted with appropriate fitting and support at the back which enables them to be displayed on site. The sheets are etched or treated on one side which makes them receptive to high quality printing. Being lightweight also makes it easy to carry and display.