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Description: RMCL offers polyolefin shrink film to the retail industry to be used for a host of shrink wrapping applications. The film is a multi-layer co-extruded, cross-linked polyolefin shrink film which serves the complete gamut of user requirements, both in edible and non-edible purposes. Its sealing properties and wide shrink range provide it a versatility and flexibility that delivers perfect packaging to most modern packaging. The film has great shrink features which fit odd shaped packages well. It has excellent gloss and sparkle with low haze and crystal clear clarity for enhanced appearance and product appeal.

Available in:
Various sizes and too customer specification.

Name of the Machine Number of Machines Widths Output kg/hour
German Make*

2.4 meters 250 kg
Italian Make*
2.4 meters 250 kg
Irradiator - US make*      
*To be installed by Dec 2011
Specification List of Common Used Products
Center Folded Length Single Wounded Length
12 micron
1660 m

3000 m
15 micron

1332 m
3000 m
19 micron
1067 m
2000 m
25 micron
800 m
1600 m
30 Micron
666 m
1332 m
100 mm - 950 mm
100 mm - 2200 mm