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Description: RMCL offers a range of LDPE Liner Bags that find good application in the bulk paper industry. These durable bags are fabricated from 100% virgin, optimum quality polymers and offer a high quality and ideal protective over wrap for bulk paper rolls. They are available with round bottoms in clear or opaque finish and have good tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and excellent water and chemical barrier that help in keeping the bulk paper rolls free from dust, moisture, scratches and tearing.

Width: 10' to 50’

Thickness: 25 u to 250 u.

Name of the Machine Number of Machines Widths Output kg/hour
Various 12-80 kg/hour
Various 12-80 kg/hour
Various 12-80 kg/hour
Various 12-80 kg/hour
Various 12-80 kg/hour
RMCL offers HMHDPE liner engineered from 100% virgin HM material. These liners offer excellent tensile strength, clarity, flexibility and high water barrier and ensure durability and reliability. Available in various sizes and microns they offer a practical and inexpensive way to protect cores, yarn and finished textile products from abrasions, tearing, dust, moisture and other factors during storage or transit.

Width: 10 inch to 40 inch

Thickness: 10 micron to 100 micron

Gusset: Maximum 10 inch

PP / PE Liners
Description: RMCL offers a range of individually adapted liners that offer excellent barrier properties and at the same time also ensures that the inner packaging is kept clean and safely cushioned from the surrounding environment. Made from high grade raw materials these industrial strength liners act as a barrier and protect packaged products from moisture, oils, dust or dirt during shipping or at the storage stage. Engineered from PP / PE films in single-or multi-layered designs, they can also be produced from various laminates like EVOH, polyamide or aluminium to create additional barrier properties. These liners being puncture and tear resistant can be conveniently used for both liquid and solid products, are low maintenance, clean and very secure. They are used in cartons, drums, tanks, bins, cargo containers, bags etc.