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Description: RMCL manufactures HDPE Pipes from Grades PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100. Made from the virgin quality HDPE material, the pipes are flexible and do not get damaged during the piping processing and also provide outstanding performance during their usage. These pipes are non-corrosive and come with a smooth inner surface that prevents growth of bacteria and makes pumping easier and faster. The pipes are used for plumbing systems at homes and industries and they are also used as water transport systems in irrigation. They have no adverse effect on the quality (taste + odour) properties of drinking water and can be used for both open and exposed applications.

The pipes are long lasting and offer features like
• Corrosion Resistant
• Chemical & Abrasion Resistant
• UV Resistant
• Easy Installation
• Sturdy & Flexibility
• Available in various pressure ratings

Available in:
Coils of 50m to 200m as well as in straight lengths of 5/6 Mtrs

Manufactured as per:
Specification No. IS: 4984/1995 of the Bureau of Indian Standards.

Virgin quality HDPE