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Description: RMCL offers Air Bubble Films that are made of two layers of LDPE Sheets. The air is entrapped between the two layers to give excellent cushioning. Its combination of lightweight, flexibility & reliable protection makes Air Bubble Films the perfect primary packaging option for export related items. The film not only protects the wrapped product but it makes it more appealing as well. It can also be made in any color to enhance aesthetic appeal. The product gives protection against dents and scratching and can be easily fabricated in Pouch and Cover form. Specially laminated grade with aluminum foil / EPE foam / LDPE film is also available. Air Bubble Film is water and chemical resistant & does not produce any static electricity.

Available in :
• 06mm (diameter)
• 20mm (diameter)
• 10mm (diameter)
• 30mm (diameter)

Width: 1 mtrs. to 1.5. mtrs.

Length: 100 meters

Application: Used for wrapping
• Electronic & Electrical appliances
• Glassware, Ceramic products
• Furniture & Handicrafts product
• Scientific instruments
• Engineering & Automobile spare parts
• Powder Coated / Glossy surface products